台湾と福岡のスタートアップ14社が対決! 日台対抗ピッチバトル開催/14 startup companies from Taiwan and Fukuoka battle it out! The Japan-Taiwan Pitch Battle contest.

去る3月6日(日)、福岡・大名エリアのカフェHabitで「TAIWAN×JAPAN Pitch Battle!! 日台対抗ピッチバトル presented by IDEAS Show」が開催されました。

イベントを主催したのは、福岡発のテクノロジーとクリエイティブの祭典「明星和楽(」と台湾最大のスタートアップ・イベント「IDEAS Show」。








審査の結果、SkyRec Inc.(スカイレック/台北)のCate Xie(ケイト・シエ)さんに「明星和楽アワード」、Qurate Inc.(キュレイト/福岡)のTom Brooke(トム・ブルック)さんに「IDEAS Showアワード」がそれぞれ贈られました。




IDEAS Showを主催するInstitute for Information Industry(のWei Kuang Ho(ウェイ・カン・ホー)さんは、今後の展開について次のように語ります。


7月には、台湾で次の「IDEAS Show」が開催される予定。今回の受賞者が招待される他、すでに福岡からの参加表明もあるとか。福岡と台湾、スタートアップにおける双方の繋がりが、今後ますます深まっていくことを期待しましょう。



The [TAIWAN × JAPAN Pitch Battle!! Presented by IDEAS Show] took place on Sunday, March 6th at Café Habit, in the Daimyo area of Fukuoka. The event was a joint collaboration between the Fukuoka Tech. and Creative Festival MyojoWaraku( and Taiwan’s largest startup event IDEAS Show.

With 5000 attendees at the MyojoWaraku event in Taiwan in 2014, the MyojoWaraku committee members realized that a strong connection existed with the startup community in Taiwan and this in turn led to the realization of this event in Fukuoka.

Mr. Masanori Hashimoto, CEO of Nulab Inc( and committee member of MyojoWaraku had this to say about startup businesses in Taiwan.

“Taiwan and Japan are similar in that they are both island countries, however, I was impressed by the steps that Taiwan is taking in their quest for expansion and globalization. There is an increasing number of young Taiwanese who are actively looking to go overseas for business, in part due to their skills in English. I think that Japan can learn a lot from Taiwan from this regard.”

The startup companies waged their pitch war throughout the day by taking it in turns to give 5-minute presentations. The day also included breaks and musical performances for everyone to enjoy.

Speakers presented in English and pitched a wide range of services from cloud-service, motion sensor technology, E-commerce, Big Data Analysis and even a video production App. With investors asking questions about the scale and superiority of the services, it proved to be an active and vibrant contest.

After an intense day of pitching, the judges made their decisions and the results were announced. The MyojoWaraku Award went to Cate Xie of the Taiwanese company SkyRec Inc. The IDEAS Show Award went to Tom Brooke of the Fukuoka based Qurate Inc.

SkyRec Inc, a company that provides customer behavior analytics, is an innovative service that analyzes customers’ in store movements and staff efficiency. This service has lauded praise for having a direct link to client sales.

The other prize winner, Qurate Inc. also took home the excellence prize from this years Nishitetsu Open Innovation Contest, held on January 29th. A truly hot company on the Fukuoka startup scene. Making use of its next generation online publishing and development platform, its service provides information to foreigners in Fukuoka about places that are off the beaten track. The potential for growth, due to its technology and ease of use has earned this startup high praise and led to it receiving the IDEAS Show award.

Mr. Wei Kuang Ho from the Institute for Information Industry( and organizer of the IDEAS Show, talked about the next stage for the Taiwan and Fukuoka relationship.

 “For Taiwanese companies, Fukuoka is the best place for test marketing in Japan. I hope that we will be able to further deepen this relationship by creating an environment where Taiwanese and Japanese startups can work together to continue building and developing.”

The next [IDEAS Show] is scheduled for July in Taiwan. Along with invitations for the prizewinners from this Fukuoka event, there are already other Fukuoka startups planning to participate. By continuing to build on this relationship, it is not out of place to have high expectations for the future of the Fukuoka and Taiwanese startup community.